Adventure Travel

Adventure trips are the perfect way to experience new sensations, since they will not only take you out of the routine and meet new friends, but they are an unparalleled source of experiences for personal growth. If you really dare to live one, we can assure you that it will help you get rid of those ingrained stereotypes that sadly we all have to a greater or lesser extent.

The only bad thing about a trip is that it changes you and when you return home you may no longer look at your life with the same eyes as always. The good thing is that in a few weeks of your return you will be able to adapt again or in the most severe cases to make the drastic decision to change what is not working or what you do not like about it.


Although you most probably associate adventure travel with dangerous explorations and activities full of risky sports, today the paradigm has changed quite a bit and the concept of adventure travel has been reinvented, especially on our part, that of travel agencies, expanding it to a much larger audience with the creation of trips that do not require special physical conditions or skills available to only a few.


That is why it is really difficult to define what we mean by an adventure trip, since what for some is really adventurous, for others more experienced can be simply a hobby.

In general travel agencies often refer to this type of travel as adventure travel or alternative travel to try to explain simply that it is a type of travel far from the common standards often associated with a travel agency with crowded buses, lightning itineraries and little or very touristy experiences.


It could be said that nowadays an adventure or alternative trip has common characteristics in almost any agency, since we all try to bring you something very similar, and although each one has its own particularities, we have certain common elements by which we define this type of trips.

  • Trips in small groups

Traveling with 50 people has never been a big deal for us. Large groups are often perceived as annoying and totally change the experience. Any traveler who has found himself enjoying somewhere quietly and has been disturbed by the arrival of a bus with dozens of people can attest to this, so the small group is the ideal choice for such a trip.

  • The soul of the trip is the group

An alternative trip is not just a trip to visit new places, but a place to share. Generally, most travelers are people who travel alone but prefer to travel in a group rather than entirely on their own. The average age ranges from 25 to 50, although as you can imagine what usually matters in this type of travel is not the age but the attitude.

  • Sustainable or responsible tourism

It is difficult to talk about sustainable travel when taking a plane already automatically generates tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, but the reality is that very few people have other options for travel during their short vacation.

  • The travel coordinator as a substitute for the guide

Although some of those considered as alternatives still use the figure of the guide, most of them have replaced it with the travel coordinator. The coordinator is simply a seasoned traveler who helps the group achieve its goals easily without becoming a guide himself, giving the group more power in decision making.

  • The important thing is the experience.

Visiting Ankor Wat or Halong Bay will not deny you that these are charming activities in themselves, but we can assure you that what you will remember most from the trip is the time you slept in a village with a local family whose shower was a simple bucket of cold water.

  • Flexibility

One of the characteristics of an alternative or adventure trip is that the group usually has a certain flexibility when it comes to influencing the development of the trip, contributing ideas or collaborating in day-to-day decisions. That is to say, they are participatory trips in which you will usually have an active role within the group.

  • Various activities

Although within the world of adventure travel you can find more cultural trips or all kinds of specialized themes: diving, yoga, motorbike, bicycle, trekking or others, it is normal that these types of trips contain a little bit of everything, and it will depend mainly on the destination and the travel agency on which activities to focus more.


  • Make new friends and meet people for travel

One of the greatest advantages of travelling with an adventure travel agency is without doubt that you will share the experience with new travel companions, with whom you already have something in common: the passion for travelling.

  • You know you are covered at all times

And not only do we mean that normally travel agencies will include your insurance, but that in case of any unforeseen event you will not be alone. You will have travel companions who will help you to overcome it and will hold out their hand to you at all times, because unforeseen events and problems are sometimes inevitable, and facing them when we are alone is not a good thing for anyone.

  • You don’t have to worry about planning

Because we will take care of it, so you can spend your time on whatever you want without having to balance itineraries, schedules, transportation, accommodations and other elements that often bring us so much headache when we think about making a trip.

  • Laughs and more laughs

Something fundamental that characterizes group travel is undoubtedly its fun, because traveling with a group of people you do not know can provide an atmosphere full of laughter and peculiar moments that are recorded in your memory, and as they say, the shared life is more and the sorrows, less.

  • You are much more willing to do anything

If you normally travel with your friends or partner, traveling alone in a group with strangers will be a totally new experience in which you will be much more open to meet people, freeing you up from the pre-defined image that your closest circle already has of you.

  • Open your mind and reduce stereotypes

Both of what you don’t know and thought was in a certain way, and of what you still don’t know. Travel is one of the best sources of knowledge, culture and personal growth that we can bring to ourselves.