What did travel teach me

During this time I have had the opportunity to see many amazing places, meet extraordinary people and learn a lot. Of course I’m not going to end up here, I have a lot of plans and a lot more ahead of me, just waiting for the world to return to normal.

I used to write why it’s worth travelling, and already today I can share with you all the things that I’ve brought out of my travels. And give my word that there is no exaggeration in saying that travel educates. My experience has taught me much more than I could have expected.

What have travels taught me?

  • To leave my own comfort zone

If you are always at home and you just move between work and home, you are not really leaving your comfort zone. Travelling has the opposite effect. It forces you to leave your comfort zone because you are in a new country where everything is different. You leave friends, familiar food, familiar language and conditions. But this is an amazing part of the journey! Only when you leave the comfort zone can you really cross borders and discover what else you can achieve. The best way to increase your confidence.

  • Dealing with problems

When you travel abroad, not everything goes as smoothly as you’d like it to. In our country and home town we probably already know practically everything. But when you travel to other parts of the world, obstacles appear and you have to find a way to overcome them.

Whether it’s a problem with communication, loss of luggage or anything else, you’ll surely get better and better at solving such problems from travel to travel. Learning to cope with these small challenges is also the best lesson of patience.

  • Appreciate other cultures and accept differences

Isn’t it the best thing about traveling to learn new cultures? We all learned about them at school, but it’s not the same. In fact, experiencing cultures is completely different. From visiting museums, admiring sights, to eating at a local restaurant, you’ll encounter people and lifestyles that are completely different from home at every turn. You will draw the best from them, learn to accept differences and notice that we really have more in common than we share. Every culture has its treasures. Discover them and enjoy them.

  • Try new things and have an open mind

This is what I like most about travel. In another place, on new ground, it’s somehow easier to break through to try new things. New tastes, entertainment, sports, experiences. It all broadens the mind, helps to discover new passions, gives a lot of fun. In every journey there is a lot of new things to try. Just once you break through, and then you’ll still want more.

  • Live the moment

In everyday life we often spend most of our time worrying about the future. But travelling makes us all stop and just enjoy the moment. Awakening in a new, unexplored country evokes emotions, which makes you completely forget about the future. Only tui now counts. Experiencing every second of your life, instead of thinking about things you can’t control anyway, is one of the most important lessons to take home.

  • Accepting mistakes

Mistakes must be made. And that’s a lot. You can only learn something from your mistakes. You’ll make a mistake more than once on a trip, that’s for sure. The most important thing is to accept that mistakes happen so that we can learn a lesson from them.

  • Enjoy the little things

During the journey you can see how little things are needed to be happy. The beauty of nature, our experiences, people we meet, interesting cultures, local flavors and all those memories we already have. It is these things that make us feel full of happiness. Thanks to travels I realized how important are apparently ordinary things that we don’t see in the pursuit of everyday life.

  • Not afraid of the world

If you watch the news as I do, it’s hard not to start thinking that the whole world is a terrifying, dangerous place to be honest, it’s far from the truth. Of course it is important to be careful when travelling, but in general, the average country is as safe as the one you currently live in. Danger is just as safe in your country as it is abroad. So don’t let fear stop you from discovering how beautiful the world is.

  • Smile at people

Although it is always good to learn a few phrases in the local language, a smile is a universal communicator. With a smile you can express many things: happiness, kindness, gratitude. Travelling teaches how important and helpful it is to smile at people.

  • Doing what makes us happy

This is probably the most important lesson of life: do what makes you happy! Life is short and you cannot wait for happiness. If travelling makes you happy, do it. You are responsible for your life, so make the most of it.